Asit Mehta & Associates is a full service Chartered Accountant firm and financial advisory firm in Mumbai, with experience across sectors, geographies and sizes. We bring our expertise and integrity to your business, to help you achieve the best outcomes in the shortest time frames. We cover a range of services from statutory audit to transaction advisory and corporate services – making us the single solution for your business’ growth plan.

Start-Up Services

Set-up, compliance and business advisory services

Assurance and Controls

Statutory audit, tax audit, internal audit and risk assessments

Transaction Advisory

Financial due diligence, business valuation and model-building

Direct Tax Advisory

Tax planning, optimisation and filing for corporates

Indirect Tax Services

GST planning, advisory and compliance services for corporates

Transfer Pricing

Benchmarking and transfer pricing studies, documentation, planning and advisory

Commercial and Legal Assistance

Business model building, assistance for agreements and in negotiations

Outsourced Accounting and Tax

Financial accounting and tax compliances for corporates


To our clients, we are not just service providers, we are trusted business advisors

Asit Mehta & Associates (AMA) is an established financial advisory firm based in Mumbai, India, with a history of over 35 years. Established in 1982, we are a rapidly growing firm with a team strength of over 55 employees and 3 group firms, all involved in financial advisory services.

AMA serves over 100 clients worldwide and in India, at each stage of their journey from set-up to stabilisation and beyond.

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At AMA our greatest asset is our clients and the trust they place in our work. Be it a new business set-up in India or advice on tax optimization strategies, we bring financial and commercial insights to the equation along with an unbiased view of their business that can prove critical in challenging times.

international tax advisor india


due diligence services

FMCG, Medicines & Pharmaceuticals

statutory audit in india

Vessels and Marine Tech.

rbi valuation service

Banking and microfinance

financial due diligence


rbi valuation service

Gov. Agencies, NGO and Conglomerates

expansion into india

Engineering and Infrastructure

Company formation in India

Internet and Advertising


Financial insights and updates from our internal experts on audit, taxation, transfer pricing, commercial arrangements and M&A.

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